Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns

I was craving hambugers a while back and had no buns.... so I used a few recipes I love to invent these...

We have had them a few times since and LOVE them! I sometimes sprinkle them with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or rolled oats... but not this time;)

Here is my "hamburger" and "fries" tonight.... (Actually a Boca Burger - love 'em- and Veggie Straws! MMMMMM!)
The best part - these are WAY faster than running to the store (at least for me, I live pretty far out of town!)
Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns
*Made in my Kitchenaid w/doughhook;)
Mix an a bowl -
2 Cups Warm Water
1/2 C oil
1/4 plus 2 TBSP sugar (honey may be used)
3 TBSP Yeast
let sit 15 minutes
Add 2 beaten eggs
Add 1 1/2 C High gluten bread flour
and 1/2 TBSP salt
Add 4 C or more Whole wheat flour, or until sides of bowl are clean while it mixes
I also like to add in 1/4-1/2 C ground flax seed!
Roll on counter to 3/4" thick and cut using large cup or bicuit cutter. Place in greased pan (cover with dish towel) and allow to rise 10 minutes. Bake @ 425 for 10 minutes!
Doesn't get much easier, or yummier! Good luck! Let me know if you like them!


Trainer Momma said...

I was just thinking last night that I should look for a recipe for homemade hamburger buns. YOU ROCK. I swear, you and Alisa have a direct connection with my brain. She's been posting some amazing recipes too! Keep them coming...

Alisa said...

I will have to try this one. I made some buns last night and they did not turn out. SO, I decided to hurry and find another recipe, I made it, they were AMAZING, and then I found out that each bun was around 270 calories. OUCH! So, I am on the search again. I will have to try this recipe out next week. Made by my trusted cousin, it must be good. Mandi, I do think Kristi and I are on the same wavelength!

Kristi said...

Alisa, I am not sure how many calories these have... hopefully they don't have too many! I am not the best at figureing but if you do them a bit thinner (1/2" like sandwich thins) instead - they should be around 100-115. As best as I can figure anyway....I hope you like 'em!

Mandi, I hope they are good for ya! That is funny that you were wanting hambuger buns! It is fun to try out you and Alisa's recipes too! Cooking healthy is so fun, like a science experiment that you get to eat;)