Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nearly there!

I wish that before I had started working out I had had my hubby help me measure myself! I think it would be a really great reality check! I am going to still do that and as I continue I can see better how things are going! I am not just 2 lbs from my original goal weight!!!! Woo hooooooo!!! I set that weight because I thought it was more realistic as a Mom of 4 kids than the rock bottom of my weight range - and now I am ALMOST there!!!! (although, my goal weight now IS my rock bottom healthy weight....) Yay! I am just excited, more because I like to feel a sense of accomplishment than anything else, because my self image has really improved lately. Why? That is kind of weird... I eat so healthy that I simply have no guilt about that, and I just have learned that I have more self control and am stronger than I ever realised - and it is a good feeling! I feel that I have forged some great friendships and I am grateful for those, it is amazing how strong friends can help you feel. I also am just in such a great place right now with my husband and kids... life is great! Not without problems and issues, but still - great!

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Alisa J said...

Yay! Pictures????