Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here we go!

Haven't posted here in a loooooong time! Alisa- do you still get updates? K... #5 is 16 months tomorrow and hopefully health is on an upswing! So I am trying to hit it hard again and lose this baby weight! I have a LOT to lose! (Again!)  35-40 is what I would like... But I am taking it one lb at a time and not getting frustrated with myself! Needing to go back off sugar again and do 100% Paleo, so that's my plan! I've done pretty good but cheat with rice and beans and take pills to eat stuff with cheese occasionally! So- no more! Really I don't need to, it's just because I get tired and it's easier to eat with everyone else! But I have so many delicious foods I can eat that is ok worry! I just need to get back into the mentality that I am worth the extra time!:) here we go!

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