Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here is what I have been thinking. First of all... that it has been waaaaay too long since I posted. Oh how I missed having a computer! Secondly I have been thinking about comfort food. Comfort food is so complicated, it is different for each person and the reasons we find it comforting are just as diverse. Obviously some part of comfort food being a comfort, beyond the taste, is the feeling behind the food. The memory of your Mom pulling fresh cookies out of the oven, snuggling with loved ones watching a movie and eating popcorn (to this day eating popcorn and snuggling are practically synonymous in my mind), coming home to the smell of fresh bread or waking up to cinnamon rolls and bacon..... See what I mean? COMFORT!
A big comfort food for many is pizza.... imagine why? Dad brings home a pizza and Mom is sooooo happy that she didn't have to cook, there is laughter and talking through dinner and minimal dishes so the family gets to hang out more than usual. In a child's mind.... pizza=happiness. I try so hard to make every family dinner just as fun and loving as the occasional pizza night so that they will have good memories with all food. Snuggling to a movie with apples slices is an example of the habits I am trying to instill in my kids so that they will love good food. So far it seems to be working, but for all of my kids homemade whole wheat bread is their #1 comfort food. Me too..... and I think that is ok. There are worse things, right?
Anyhow... think about it.... what are your comfort foods? Why?


Jackee said...

Mine are about the same as yours. I also like tea (okay, it's a drink) and soups.

Alisa said...

Homemade whole wheat bread with strawberry jam-pure heaven! Love, love, love it! Glad to have you back!