Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Loser!

This is a current picture of me. I still feel REALLY fat here...
Is that sad... or true? Hmmmmm...

I just watched "Biggest Loser, where are they now". I was so inspired! It also made me feel really good about where I am and how I am personally doing in my own goal of health and fitness. I love how Bob was saying that you just have to find the balance and keep it up. Also, how he talked about how everyone struggles.

As a woman who has had eating disorders in her past, and who does NOT have a healthy body image, I am really working hard right now just to have a positive self image. I am currently 2 lbs from my healthy body weight and at 5' 9 3/4" I am tall enough that it isn't always as obvious how much weight I really have to lose. I am extremely hard on myself - but seeing things like the show tonight show me how happy and confident people can be no matter what size they are! Watching former contestants run a 1/2 marathon was also so inspiring for me! I want to do that sooo bad, and am working towards that goal currently!

The really funny thing - I NEVER notice weight on other people. When friends and relatives say anything about weight they want/need to lose I never understand why - I always think they look great. Why I can't feel the same about myself, I don't know. But I am working towards that!

Also, Bob said to one of the former Biggest Loser winners that he had lost 200 lbs in the past - he obviously knew HOW to lose weight. I thought about that... I have lost 280 or so (about 70lbs per pregnancy - 4 times!). Obviously I know HOW to lose weight too. I don't know why I have been so much more stressed about it this time around, or why I haven't just trusted myself like I usually do. That is over. I am going to go back to doing what I always have and be confident in myself that the weight will come off (and be gone by the time my baby is 9 months old - it always has) and stay off!. I am committing to myself to stop stressing and just trust in myself and my body!

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Alisa said...

You can do it you can do it! YOu are so inspiring to me!