Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little spice

I have rediscovered a favorite treat from my youth! I always chewed on cinnamon sticks while I was watching movies or reading. I have read a lot recently about how good cinnamon is for you and when I saw these in my cupboard the other day I decided to see if I still liked them as much as I used to! I do - and the great part, my kids hate them! Which means I can leave them out and they won't get eaten (unlike my almonds).


Alisa said...

I never thought of just biting the stick. Interesting. I do like cinnamon flavored things. Hmmm.

Kristi said...

Ya, I am weird... I can't tell you how many cinnamon sticks I probably ate as a kid! At least I know one of the reasons I was probably soooo skinny;)
It is a little woody tasting but also kind of hot, like the cinnamon candy. I personally like it! But, again, I am weird;)