Saturday, February 20, 2010

The good.. with the not so good

The good news is I lost another pound this week! YAY!!!! the not so good news is I am not allowed to exercise for a while... I saw my Dr (knee surgeon) and he said he was "horrified" by how bad my knees are and that we were going to be very aggressive.... No Running, no jumping, no walking, no biking. MRI first thing Monday morning and I see him again Thursday afternoon to see where we go from here.
I knew I had bad knees - yet I thought somehow I could trick them into letting me run a 1/2 marathon. And now I am in big trouble for it! :( The Dr said I went about it all right - starting slow - training alternately on the bike and doing lots of lunges and squats to strengthen around the knee.... it is just that my knees are too bad!
Wish me luck! My weight loss in the next little bit may have to be from diet alone, and we all know how hard that is!!!

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