Friday, February 26, 2010

So... I had my MRI Monday morning and met with the Dr yesterday! Good news is... I can avoid surgery for longer with cortisone shots and Physical Therapy!!! Woo hoooo!
Bad news, NO MORE RUNNING.. EVER!!! He was quite clear about that. I told him my goal had been to run a 10k or 1/2 marathon before my 30th and he said, "Walk it". Ok.... so there you have it! I was so caught up with everyone else doing amazing things that I for some reason forgot how limited I am in some respects. I can't run, I can't do jumping stuff, jumping jacks, plyometrics... and if I go one a hike I have to R&R 3-4 days after. Sheeeesh! BUT, I can WALK! I CAN!! I was reminded today as the Dr said, "You are a miracle, just the fact that you CAN walk - don't try to do more than your body can!"
It is true! The fact of the matter is - I am inside of my healthy weight range NOW! My weight range is 135-169. I prefer to be at 135 (or 130). I am going to focus on walking daily (next week when I can again - I got cortisone shots yesterday), continuing to eat healthy and I know the rest of the weight will come off. Maybe a bit more slowly that doing 3 miles running and a Jillian DVD every day... but it will come!
The fact is - I have lost 47 lbs in 8 months... I am doing great - I SHOULD be proud of myself, instead of focusing on how much more I want to lose! So that is another goal I have for myself!
(**The knees - L is actually better! AMAZING!!! I can avoid surgery on this one for quite a while, I hope.... There are swollen cysts and pretty bad arthritis but, the rest of the swelling and pain for injury of running and previous injury will hopefully go down with the cortisone.
R - is still not good... The kneecap is still rubbing on bone, instead of in its rightful place, and there is tons of swelling and arthritis etc. Cysts are much worse in this knee BUT, amazingly it seems to be getting better, not worse than 10 years ago!!!! MIRACLES MIRACLES!!!!
- if the cortisone is not effective we will do a "grease job" and if that isn't enough I will have a diagnostic arthroscope. FUN! BUT - much better that the double knee replacements I was warned about 10 years ago! Hooooooray!!!!)

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Trainer Momma said...

Well, I like your attitude, sister. There are so many options out there for you -- I'm glad you can see them! Cycling, swimming to name a few. And congrats on the FANTASTIC weight loss and health gain in 8 months. Whoa. THAT is glorious!