Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, I am off to Girls Camp this week (a church youth camp). I am a little nervous after recieving the menu - I brought my own healthy treats along because some of it is going to not sit well on my poor tummy! My main worry is staying hydrated! I always got dehydrated at Girls Camp as a youth and got a migraine on the Thursday night... so I am going to try really hard NOT to do that!
Hopefully I will get some good hikes in though! I am really excited about that!
I am so close to my "goal weight"... and I think I might back on the extra 10 pounds to lose. I would be as thin as I got after having Emma (my first) - the same I was in high school! Sweet! Is that realistic for a Mom of 4? Or is that silly and I should just be happy where I will be?

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Alisa said...

Why not? I think that is great! Good luck at girls camp!