Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yep - I have been a slacker - BIG time.... I have decided NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Yep, the kids are sick, I can still find 1/2- 1 hour to exercise at some point in the day. Dirty house/crazy day... I can find a way at some point to do it, I CAN! The problem is I simply got out of the habit over the summer with so much going on, but I am getting back in. I have been working out daily for the last 2 weeks, and it HAS made a big difference, I feel better about myself and I am simply a nicer Mom!
I have to say "Biggest Loser" is always such a huge motivation for me. Ok so a size 8 is not exactly biggest loser worthy, but it is also not where I want to be. I can do better.
Emma was talking with me tonight and saying that she can't wait till she gets bigger and we can share clothes. My first thought was that I better not get fat;) She is super skinny and tall so if I want to fit into the same dresses as her, I will have to keep working hard!
That is it, really! I am still alive and working on it and I have to say that after baby #4 it has been soooooo much harder. Baby #1 was soooo easy, same with #2. Baby #3 was a bit tougher and I still had 10 lbs to go when I got prego with #4 and this has felt nearly impossible... BUT - I KNOW I CAN do it, I can... I think I just need Jillian to move into my exercise room - if she was yelling at me I am sure I could be done really quick!

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Alisa said...

You can do it! You can!