Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh boy!

So, I am writing this in hopes of some help! I thought it would be easier than it has been... and it has only been about 6 hours since I found out about my new lifestyle! I have been feeling REALLY awful as you know, and some of the reason is my diet. My diet has been really healthy - it is just that healthy is NOT good enough. I am severely allergic to ALL grains and am going on a total grain free (which includes rice) diet. Also, severely allergic to dairy - though the Dr is hopeful that eventually I might tolerate yogurt occasionally. I can't have anything with yeast or brewers yeast so no vinegar (and consequently no salad dressings - though salads are one of the only things I can think of to eat)! I am sensitive to broccoli, cabbage, spinach, celery etc (it is a long list) but am still allowed to have those for now. I also have a strong sensitivity to citrus but the Dr said I could still have that for now - because for goodness sake what else will I eat? ;)
I have ordered a Paleo diet cookbook at the suggestion of my Dr - as it will have a lot of recipes I can use, though I can have beans which the Paleo diet does not encourage. The book is not going to be here for more than a MONTH though - grrrrr.... so I may starve in the meantime!
I am actually pretty excited about this (along with nervous, sad, bitter, angry, etc) if I can feel better, and be able to be there for my kids it will be sooooo worth it! It is also good to know that part of the problem with weight loss is that my body isn't tolerating a lot of the "healthy" foods I have been using!
I went through my healthy cookbook today and filed away (who knows what will happen) all my recipes for healthy food that I simply cannot have. I am left with VERY VERY few things to eat - almost everything had grains (and yogurt!), though on some recipes I kept them to try using different methods.... so we will see how it goes!
I am also going on meds for a few other problems that were figured out (hooooray) and I am thrilled (and nervous) about that as well! I also found out that my body has almost 0 of some key things - such as zinc, magnesium, calcium.... so I have lots of awesome supplements (plus supplements to help those absorb) and I just pray it will all work out and that I will feel better!!! Wish me luck! (Oh and please send recipes or tips if you have any, this is something I feel I will need a LOT of support and help with!!!!)

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Alisa J said...

Oh gracious! What a life change! My brother-in-law is really into the Paleo diet. If you wanted I could see what types of books or recipes he suggests? What type of Dr. did you go to in order to find this all out? Was it an allergy dr? I didn't know that there were tests that would find out all of that stuff. Maybe there is more answers a dr can give than just IBS now-a-days. I hope that you get it all figured out! You are in our prayers! Love you cuz!