Sunday, November 8, 2009

The 'Breakdown'

(Taken from a post on my family blog a month or two ago....) I think my math has been off - so I really like the new ticker at the top of this blog! Makes it easier to keep track!

Today I want to talk weight. Here is the breakdown... I have just over 30 lbs to lose from what I gained with 'lil E. Plus an additional 10 lbs that I hadn't lost yet from H (she was only 9 months when I got preggers with lil E). Plus and additional 10 lbs that I gained just before getting preg with H because I was so depressed from all the miscarriages (5 in a row). So, there you have it, the breakdown of the weight loss needed! That would be 50 lbs.

Here is the good part! We (my J and I) figured out a rewards system for me! No, not ice cream or a cheat day....I love to read. Loooooove it! LOVE, lOvE, LoVe.... sigh.... Anyhow. I really like the Percy Jackson Book - "The Lightening Thief" So Every ten lbs lost equals a new book in the series and when I have lost it all - A NEW OUTFIT! YAY! We are talking jeans (they are so darn expensive so I NEVER buy the ones I love - Silvers), a cute top or two, shoes AND accessories! SUH-Weeet! I am so excited about this, and I just hope I can stop stressing so I will lose it!

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