Monday, November 16, 2009

The search continues...

Don't you love it when you are soooo motivated and stuff just gets in your way? I have been doing really good at doing my pilates every day.... It is something that I can tell strenthens my body and stretches me out so well before a run!
Then we lost the DVD remote! Such a small thing to have happen, yet I can't do my pilates till we find it. We have searched and searched, cleaned and cleaned and so far, no remote. I told my sweet hubby - another day and I am just going to get a new one.
It is funny how sometimes it really is the little things that can get you down, but i am not going to let it! I am still doing all my other workouts and trying to do all I can remember from the DVD;)
Wish me luck in my search!

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Alisa said...

Goodluck! Oh, and yes. I think you can definitely train for a half-marathon by January. You are already running, so that is great! The training program was 10 weeks, so you would have to start training pronto, but you could do it. I will have to look on my blog to find the training program I followed. Love it!