Friday, November 13, 2009

Wait... weights?

I recently asked on Facebook what my friends best weight loss tip was. Most of the responses were serious (though some said things like DQ)! On response has really gotten me thinking.... Weights.
Weights.... hmmmmm....
Ok, here is the deal. I love weights but first of all.... can I do things like squats, lunges, Pilate's instead?
Second, they are nearly impossible for me. As explained at the bottom of my blog I have serious health problems and disabilities. I could lift with my right arm but not my left... will that help anything? Really, to do weights I need to join a gym and get a trainer. There is one about 45 minutes away but no babysitting (I think they have it for older kids....) . So, I would have to get a separate babysitter. That is a huge commitment. Especially when $ is tight.
I know the benefit of weights. I lifted a lot in HS and loved the muscle tone and definition I had then. I am sure I could get some of that back, but it is hard to realise that no matter what I do, I will never really be able to get that fully functional body back!
I have thoughts that I could trade babysitting with a friend to go to the gym... maybe I could win the lottery and get my own weightroom and a personal trainer to come every day or two and help me do the weights....
Any suggestions would be grately appreciated!


Ali Seaman said...

You don't HAVE to join a gym. It sounds like it'd be a pain and lots of money. You can still do squats, lunges, and upper body. I know you can't use your arm, but you could buy a 10 and 15lb. weight (wal-mart is cheap) and do upper body at home. It'd save you a lot of money.

I've been sick for three weeks plus and totally out of the exercise routine. I feel like a huge slacker but oh, well. One thing i've been trying to do is make soup every day. I eat leftover soup for lunch and a new soup for dinner. I find recipes at and even w/o exercise, i've lost a few pounds. I load the soups with veggies (chopped spinach is an easy addition).

I'm with you. I still have 25-30 lbs. to lose (and no excuses besides no self-control). With the holidays coming up, it's a bit scary. time to get in control now! Like your idea of an exercise blog. Now i'll end my novel.

Trainer Momma said...

How about I fly out and live with you for 8 weeks? :)

yes, weights are muy importante, Kristi. For you and your situation, you can start with some bands. That is affordable and will get you started.

Squats, lunges, wall sits, steps ups, calf raises -- that covers your lower body. DO THOSE.

Upper body -- yes it is still helpful to do things with one arm. Muscle is muscle and it will burn more calories no matter where it is. So, chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. I will start demo-ing more with my bands on Trainer Momma to give you an idea.

Kristi said...

Trainer - Would you???? Please! LOL I think your kids might miss ya! Thank you for the demos ahead of time - that will be awesome. I worry about my body looking lopsided from only training one side - I can really only hold about a 2 lb weight in my L hand.... But maybe something like bands would work much better! Yay!!!!

Kristi said...

Ali - Loooove the soup idea, I have been doing the same, plus stir frys w/ brown rice etc...
I have been super sick too and getting back into the routine is rough!!!! I ended up gaining weight during the grossness... grrrr.... How did you lose?? I couldn't move off the couch so my body just kept on anything I ate.
You should do a health blog too - it really has helped me keep motivation going already! We can have a whole network of Mommy's supporting eachother!